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Dental Insurance: Maximizing Your Benefits Before 2020

November 27, 2019

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Dental Care

Are you saving money with your insurance? At the end of every year, most dental insurance plans will reset, causing you to lose unused benefits. For millions of Americans, this means missing out on hundreds of dollars in savings. If you’re looking to keep your wallet full and your mouth healthy, keep reading to learn about the importance of utilizing your benefits before January 1st.

How Much of the Yearly Maximum is Left?

How much has your policy set aside for dental care this year? Most plans have an average yearly maximum of $1,000, but it’s important to know the exact limit – as well as how much money is still available! These dental dollars will not carry over to the next year, so now is your chance to spend them on dental services to clean and protect your pearly whites.

Have You Met the Deductible?

Before your insurance company steps in to help with the costs, you need to meet your deductible. This is a certain amount that you will pay your dentist yourself The good news is that the deductible only has to be paid once during any given policy period; the bad news is that it will be reset along with your other benefits at the end of the year. By scheduling your appointments now, you’ll ultimately reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Are You Keeping Up with Your Premiums?

You pay premiums all year in order to keep your insurance benefits – meaning you should use them if you want your investment to be worthwhile! You might think you don’t need any dental work done, but at the very least you should be scheduling checkups and cleanings every six months; these appointments are meant to prevent and detect gum disease, cavities, oral cancers and other dental issues in their earliest stages. Dental insurance will often cover the full price of these visits, which in turn goes a long way towards maximizing your benefits as well.

Could You Save Money by Overlapping?

Some costly dental procedures will require more than one visit. One trick to saving money is to start them before January 1st and then finish them after. That way, you can maximize this year’s benefits while also utilizing next year’s benefits to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Is Your Mouth Healthy?

Of course, the main purpose of dental insurance is to keep your smile healthy. If you put off necessary dental work – no matter if it’s due to cost, time or anxiety – you could eventually end up needing a more costly treatment later. Using your benefits will help protect your mouth.

Have you made an end of the year appointment yet? Get in touch with your dentist in St. Peter today and start getting the most out of your benefits.

About the Author

Dr. Jennifer Miller is a St. Peter native who has been working in the dental field for nearly two decades. She loves being able to interact with her patients and learning more about them over time. Her practice, Valley View Dental, is in-network with several insurance providers such as Delta, Health Partners and MetLife. To schedule an appointment, visit her website or call (972) 241-4684.

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